End of an era…

End of an era…

So, after almost making it to the 10 year mark, the time has come for me to call it quits at Capital.

It’s time to find a new challenge, one with less stress, and one where my attempts to do my job aren’t hampered by constant adjustments to the goalposts I aim for. Maybe my job would have been less stressful had my bosses taken the time to discover some of the peculiar quirks of Wagga, and the people who live here. Ideas, concepts, and plans of action that may work an hour down the road may not necessarily succeed in Wagga, and vice versa. People here are also notoriously fickle, and tend to follow their friends to wherever the biggest crowd is.

Such a pity (and slightly weird) that the owners never set foot in the place, while the venue was actually trading. Perhaps it could have given them some different insights into things. 

The people I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last 9 years have been some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I hope to stay in touch with all of them, for many years to come. Actually, come to think of it, over the years I’ve met a shitload of good, genuine people. Mind you, I’ve also met some utter dongbeaters, and in the case of several of them, I hope I never have to encounter them again.

It was pretty sweet to somehow manage to go from being the photographer, to the Venue Manager. Was a really good opportunity, and since taking on the role, I’ve learnt a ridiculous amount about the hospitality industry, Wagga, people management, and my own personal strengths and weaknesses. I also learnt that it’s borderline impossible to shoehorn the workload of two people – who both work 38 hour weeks – into a 20-25 hour working week. And I feel my belief in this last fact has been affirmed by the fact that my work duties are  going to be divided up between two people, who will be replacing me.

It’s a bloody long time to never have a Saturday night to yourself, and it’s wild to think that the Capital has gone from this in 2005:

Capital, 21/05/2005

And to this in 2013:

Still attracting big crowds after all this time..


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